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Peristaltic pumps

Single and twin head Peristaltic (hose) pumps are designed for pumping  sand , abrasive and chemical slurries.

Peristaltic pumps designed for pumping liquids :

pulps with abrasion inclusions sizes up to half of hose inner diameter,

acidic and basic chemicals,

high viscosity fluids,

FPP Peristaltic pumps available with multiple channels,

Maximum pressure : 1.7 Bars

Maximum capacity: FPP30 is 30 litres/min

FPP10 is 10 litres/min

FPP20 is 20 litres/min

FPP pumps available with DC and AC230/380, 50 Hz motors

Use application industries : mining , chemical , laboratory


Advantage of pumps:


1. Very easy to use and maintain, which can reduce costs and increase uptime


2. The absence of valves, stators, pistons and other parts rotating in the pumped medium in the pump design.


3. Replacement of the only part of the pump in contact with the medium - the hose - is carried out as quickly as possible and does not require special technical knowledge and skills


4. Possibility of reversible feeding when the suction hose is blocked


5. Pumping pasty media


Technical characteristics of FPP peristaltic pumps


Name                                                                          FPP-30(twin head).                  FPP-15(single head)


Pump version :portable


Internal (working) hose diameter                            16 mm


Pump drive type - electric geared motor with gear DC24V



The rated speed of the pump rotor is                      330 rpm.


Electric motor power                                                240W


Electric motor supply voltage                                   24 VDC


Nominal pump capacity *                                         2x1000l/hour (2000l/hour)            1000l/hour


The maximum pressure generated by the pump.     0.17 MPa


Overall dimensions of the pump , mm                    270х170х180                                 190x170x180


Weight,kg                                                                5.7                                                  4.3

perestaltic pump 20l:min.jpeg
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