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New Leach-BETA reagent for intensifying the processes of halogen and cyanide leaching - speeds up the process several times and increases gold recovery
Price US$9.90/kg


Advantages of Flexicone  concentrators


• Centrifugal concentrator with floating mineral bed  Flexicone  captures gold particles sizes from 3 microns versus 30-40 microns of popular concentrators .

With the addition of mercury to the cone, a record 100% recovery of fine gold into amalgam was achieved due to the pulsations of the mineral bed in the cone

•  Feeding material size  up to 5 mm

• In operation of centrifugal concentrator the treatment of water is not required. Recirculated technical water can be used .

• During operations re-adjustment is not required.

• Extraction of gold and platinoid remain high despite of heavy mineral content (3-5 g/cm3) in grooves.

• Stability to high clay content in material.

• Relatively low cost. It is related with simple construction of centrifugal concentrator and absence of necessity in powerful bearing unit, and a part of its functions   is performed by cone rollers.

• Compact design. It is inherent to all centrifugal concentrators, as they take area many times smaller then required for  jigging machines and shaking tables of the same capacity.

• Simple construction and operation. Not requiring high qualification of servicing personnel. High degree of modularity of Flexicone centrifugal concentrator enables quick replacement of failed elements without profound disassembly of the whole construction. Faulty elements can be reconditioned in local workshops.

• Batch CCFB and Continuous discharge  concentrate CVD-FB models 

Flexicone Geo Set

The light portable cordless kit 3 -in-1 includes:
Flexicone Geo centrifufgal concentrator
Flexicone Geo sand pump/ desintegrator
Perforator with bits 
Applications :
enrichment of samples during prospecting and exploration ;
extraction of gold and PGM from tailings of the sluice concentrate and tails


The heavy duty  version (10kg) with a capacity of 300kg per hour, the ideal centrifugal concentrator for prospectors, small scale miners and labs
Applications :
enrichment of samples during prospecting and exploration ;
extraction of gold and PGM from tailings of the sluice concentrate and tails


Industrial duty centrifugal concentrator with feeding  capacity 20t/hour. Portable (80kg), comes in 2 model models: batch accumulation of concentrate CCFB and continuos discharge concentrate  CVD-FB .

турбореактор TR250.jpg
Leaching Reactor FLR14 low.jpg
Leaching reactor 500l.jpeg
Floatation machine, ultrasonic cavitator, mixer
флотомашина .jpg
Attention !!!! Innovation !!!! Lightweight powerful peristaltic pumps in the performance of 12/220 volts, 20 liters / minute, 5.5 kg. Ideal as concentrator sand pumps and chemical slurry pumps for leaching systems
Peristaltic pumps
perestaltic pump 20l:min.jpeg

Heavy duty portable (13kg) centrifugal concentrator​ .
Applicable  for industrial duty mining and laboratory operations with feeding capacity on hard material 1ton/hour. Available in 2 models: batch concentrate accumulation and CVD-FB  model with  continuos discharge concentrate 


Industrial duty centrifugal concentrator with ffeding capacity 40t/hour , comes in 2 model models: batch CCFB and continuos discharge concentrate CVD-FB

Vibrating Screens

All models Flexicone concentrators available with vibrating screens.

Vortex Air Mills
Vortex Air mill_sparge.jpg
Electrolizer  Flexicone  instructions ad
Gold leaching plants SKIF
High banker FHB300.png
Concentrator Flexicone 300 in Tasmania

Concentrator Flexicone operating on alluvial mine

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