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Flexicone electrolyzer

The electrolyzer is designed to recover noble metals from leach solutions : iodine-iodide, cyanide, chlorine-chloride, thio-sulphate, thio-urea . If use with iodine-iodide technology , electrolyzer can be used for regeneration iodide-iodine solution . Electrolyzer has anode and cathode cameras separated by ceramic membrane . Solution from leaching reactor, rich by noble metals inters to cathode camera . In cathode camera pH solution rising to 12, generates iodide and metals precipitating on active carbon material . From cathode camera iodide solution inters to anode camera , where generates iodine . Iodine reacts with iodide generates KI3 solution . Regenerated solution sucked by pump and further transfers to reactor for leaching next batch of ore.

Flexicone company has developed a universal multi-cell reactor electrolyzer-regenerator of a closed type solution FLRM.

The Flexicone FLRM electrolytic regenerator is the latest and greatest achievement in the field of electrochemical metallurgy.

The main advantages of the electrolyzer:



the possibility of series connection of cells in order to reduce operating currents;

the closed type of the electrolyzer and the corrosion resistance of the polypropylene construction make it possible to use the electrolyzer to work with various aggressive media, with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees C and pressure up to 1.5 MPa


The all-in-one reactor-electrolyzer-regenerator allows you to perform all operations for the extraction of valuable metals from ores, concentrates and man-made waste:

electrochemical oxidation of sulfide, telluride ores;

filtration of solutions;

cake washing;

leaching and precipitation of gold, silver and platinum group metals from double refractory ores, concentrates, electronics waste, and industrial effluents;

regeneration of iodine-iodide solutions, thiourea solutions and hypochlorite solutions;

guaranteed maximum recovery of valuable metals using Flexicone technology compared to known technologies;

full automation of the process;

low cost of the process due to the complete extraction of precious metals and reagents from the cake without multi-stage washing;

reducing the time of all processes




Technical specification   FEL14           FLRM480

Volume , L                         2                    2.8

Cameras                           1                      7

Membrane                   ceramic  Cation exchange

Cathode size mm.        250x250          200x200

Anode size , mm          250x10            200x200

Current, Amp                5                         40

Pump power,kW                                      0.5

Pump capacity, l/h                                  500 

Size, mm                      295x122   430x270x280

Weight, kg                         1                    16

Electrolyzer user instructions FEL14

Electrolizer  Flexicone  instructions ad
Electrolyzer user instructions FLRM480
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