Flexicone electrolyzer

The electrolyzer is designed to recover noble metals from leach solutions : iodine-iodide, cyanide, chlorine-chloride, thio-sulphate, thio-urea . If use with iodine-iodide technology , electrolyzer can be used for regeneration iodide-iodine solution . Electrolyzer has anode and cathode cameras separated by ceramic membrane . Solution from leaching reactor, rich by noble metals inters to cathode camera . In cathode camera pH solution rising to 12, generates iodide and metals precipitating on active carbon material . From cathode camera iodide solution inters to anode camera , where generates iodine . Iodine reacts with iodide generates KI3 solution . Regenerated solution sucked by pump and further transfers to reactor for leaching next batch of ore




Technical specification   FEL14                     FEL 250

Volume , L                         2                                   20

Cameras                           2                                    2

Membrane                                  ceramic

Cathode size mm.        250x250                     500x500

Anode size , mm          250x10                       500x20

Size, mm                      295x122                     600x250

Weight, kg                         1                                   10

Electrolyzer user instructions

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