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Turbine Agitator, Flotation Machine, Chemical Reactor Disperser

The turbine mixer is designed for mixing liquids with a high density In addition, it can be used as a flotation machine, a disperser, at high speeds it switches to the ultrasonic cavitator mode. It is used in many industries: mining, agriculture, chemical industry, concrete production, papermaking, food processing. It can work with large inclusions. Due to the low rotation and start-off torque, stop rotation, filtration / sedimentation and resumption of stirring are possible.

The stirrer is made of stainless steel and does not react chemically with the contents of the container.


Due to the perforated and needle design of the impeller, ultrasonic cavitation and the formation of air micro-bubbles occur when air is supplied through the hollow shaft.

This allows the mixer to be used for both chemical oxidation reactions and flotation.


Reactor for chemical reactions of sulfide oxidation

The turbine stirrer makes it possible to intensify the oxidation process in combination with an electrochemical process.

The process is necessary to increase the percentage of extraction of finely disseminated gold from sulfides in the subsequent leaching process.

Instructions for installation and oxidation process are provided with the purchase of agitator and electrolyzer



The flotation machine is designed to separate minerals by flotation. It can be used in the extraction of gold from concentrates of mill tailings and other technogenic tailings.

The size of the extracted gold grains is from 200 microns to 1 micron.

With a small addition of reagents, gold recovery reaches 95%

Reagent consumption : 250 g of reagent per ton of concentrate


Instructions for use of the FF2 flotator:

The size of the material to be floated is less than 0.2mm.


Pulp conditioning:

a separate mixer with a stirrer without air supply is used - 226-240l drum

The ratio of solids to water is 1:5 by weight.

For 40 kg of solid and 200 liters of water.


Reagents :

100 g of soda in the pulp (up to pH 8-9).

10g Super Float powder per 40 kg of concentrate

10 ml of HC Float liquid per 40 kg of concentrate

4 g foaming agent (description and formula of the reagent is provided with the purchase of the skimmer)

It is necessary to provide a continuous supply of material of 6.5 kg per minute and 35 liters of water for complete mixing and conditioning of the pulp. From the mixer, the conditioned pulp is fed to the flotator.

Technical parameters of FF2 flotation machine:

Manufacturer: Flexicone

Productivity of processing (giving on solid) : 400 kg/h

Ratio of solid to water: 1:5

Recovery efficiency: up to 95%

Recommended optimal concentration factor: 30

Assembly dimensions: 650x850x1500mm

Tank dimensions: 650x650x1000mm

Capacity: 226l

Drive Specifications

Power (W) 550

Voltage 220 V

Motor type - asynchronous

Speed 500-2620 rpm

Number of speeds 9

Net weight 16.9 kg

Shaft diameter 16mm

Support column diameter 46 mm

Dimensions and weight per package

Dimensions L: 48.50 cm x W: 38.50 cm x H: 24.50 cm


Technical parameters of the impeller

Impeller: perforated-needle

Material: stainless steel

Impeller size: diameter 200mm, height (adjustable) 10-20mm

Shaft length: 1000mm

Impeller weight : 2kg

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