Screw gravel sand pump

It can be used as a feeder, clay disintegrator, classifier
Since the pump classifies and cuts off a fraction of material greater than 3mm, the size of the gravel at the inlet is not limited.
Ideal for use with the Flexicone110 centrifugal concentrator.
The most wear part is made of wear-resistant tungsten-cobalt alloy VK6.

Specifications :
Drive - Makita
Power, W: 710
Voltage, V 220-240
Productivity, m3 / hour: 1,0
Height of rise, m: 1
Input material size: unlimited
Outlet material size, mm: minus 3
Fluid / solid feed ratio: 1: 0 to 1: 1
Screw length, m: 1
Weight -4 kg

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