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Electrochemical turbo-reactors Flexicone 3-in-one for the oxidation of sulfide minerals, leaching of gold and platinum group metals and filtration of ultrafine suspensions.
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Flexicone KNOWHOW reactors are universal devices 3 in one designed to carry out the entire complex of chemical processes:

1.opening refractory gold, sulfide and gold-silver telluride minerals at normal atmospheric pressure and temperature (KNOWHOW)

2.processes of leaching of gold, silver and platinum group metals and more complete extraction of precious metals from refractory ores and concentrates (KNOWHOW)

3.High-speed filtration and washing of ultrafine suspensions (KNOWHOW)



Versatility of application for different leaching technologies

Chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions

High-speed and more complete filtration and washing of fine slime suspensions without the introduction of coagulants

Highest gold recovery from refractory ores compared to other suppliers

Non-hazardous, non-flammable chemicals - classification (000)

Complete regeneration of reagents.

Leaching of precious metals occurs in less chemically aggressive conditions.

This is achieved through an electrochemical process.

Possibility of stepwise leaching of metals.

Versatility of technology and applicability for various types of ores and concentrates.

Easy to monitor and control the process by regulating the voltage / current on the electrodes.

High wear resistance, quick changeover and low cost of consumables

Possibility of quick and differential colorimetric control of gold, silver and PGM content in solution

from 0.25mg / liter




Specification :

Reactor:                    FLR14.       TR250   FDR800

Volume of reactor, l  14                  250            800

Size LxWxH, cm40x50x35  65x65x190 165x95x140

Weight, kg                7                    40              270

Power supply rectifier

input voltage ,VAC    220              220             220

output Voltage,VDC  7-15 .           0-24 .          0-24 

output Current, A      0-20.            0-20            0-40

Membrane pump:

Voltage, VDC            7-15            24                 24

Current , Amp           6                  15                15

Power ,Watts.           72                360              360

Capacity, l/min          6                   30                30

Pressure,mPa          0.9               0.9               0.9

Drive, kW                                     0.25              2.0

Voltage ,VAC                                220              220


Flexicone drum reactor FDR800 for intensive mineral leaching.

Made of stainless steel. The reactor allows to perform a full cycle of all leaching processes: mixing, filtration of the solution, washing the cake, quick unloading of the cake by manually tilting the drum down.

The filtration system developed by us allows for complete filtration of a solution of finely ground material (up to 10 microns) to a minimum residual moisture content of the cake of 10%, and a drum-type reactor allows rapid mixing of a dense cake with water for washing.






Loading up to 70% - use the maximum usable volume, choosing the angle of inclination convenient for you.

Convenient unloading - unloading with a rotating drum tilted downward.

Stainless steel AISI 304 - the material of which the drum and blades are made.

Operator safety - all moving parts of the drive are closed by a box.

Certified in accordance with EU and RF regulations.


Additionally, can be ordered:

Frequency speed controller

Timer (switches off the mixer automatically after a set time)

Stainless steel lid

Case studies with FLR14:

1. Hardrock mining processing

Quartz ore with a sulfide content of up to 30% gold 5 g / t and silver 2 g / t crushed and milled to the size 0.1mm .

Milled ore processed through Flexicone Centrifugal concentrator to recover free gold and silver. Higher then 5% gold/silver content concentrate can be direct melted or purified with aqua regia.

Tailing from concentrate are being processed with Leaching Reactor FLR14

An aqueous 8% solution and crushed quartz ore with a sulfide content is poured into the apparatus . The ratio of T: W is 1: 1-1.5. The resulting pulp is processed for 180 minutes.

Gold and Silver leached from ore and in the same time are being precipitated. Then the pulp is filtered. The cake is washed with water and the resulting saline solution is again sent to leach the following material.


The degree of extraction of gold and silver is up to 99.8%


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