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Iron-Air Batteries made from pyrite tailings

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In the world, there is an increasing need for relatively cheap and bulky energy storage batteries. There are many electrochemical batteries on the market today. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in practice, all ICE vehicles have been equipped with heavy lead-acid batteries for more than 100 years to this day, and light lithium batteries are too expensive to store MWh of electricity. Nevertheless, nature itself tells us that over millions of years of evolution, the most efficient and reliable electrochemical energy storage and transfer system has been worked out - this is a blood circulatory system based on iron ions . We have developed an iron-air battery and an electrochemical energy storage technology that combines the advantages of several technologies, such as low cost, environmental safety, and high efficiency of the charge-discharge cycle. This allows our batteries to be used for portable devises , back up energy systems, off-season storage of electricity in solar and wind generator systems and others applications.


As is known, Fe2+ is easily oxidized by air in a neutral or alkaline medium. However, the oxidation of ferrous salts with oxygen proceeds very slowly along complex, multi-stage routes and strongly depends on the composition of the reaction medium and other process conditions. It is especially difficult to oxidize Fe2+ in chlorate and sulfate solutions; in these cases, the oxidation rate can be inversely proportional to the square of the concentrations of H+ and Fe2+.









Iron-Air one cell hybrid rechargeable  battery 

Energystore Group Pty. Ltd developed Hybrid rechargeable Battery . Battery can be recharged  by electricity charger  or by Iron Anode replace . 

Iron Air Batteries has promising theoretical  high energy capacity 1kWh/kg  with a low cost  less $100/kWh

The world has accumulated a huge amount of pyrite FeS2 technogenic tailings of non-ferrous metals flotation. As a rule, the processing of such tailings by existing technologies is unprofitable or requires huge capital investments.

We offer an integrated approach to tailings processing using Flexicone Fe-regeneration technology.

In the process of processing technogenic tailings, even with a low content of target metals, profitability is achieved through the most complete processing of waste to obtain finished marketable products:

1. Precious Metals : Gold, Silver and PGM

2. non-ferrous metal powder or ingots

3. iron in the form of: metal powder, iron hydroxide or FeSO4 salt

5. iron-air batteries

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