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Flexicone Geo Set

Portable Flexicone Geo set 4 in one:

Flexicone 110 Geo Concentrator

Flexicone Drill Pump

Hammer with chisels

Mill/crusher with mortar (optional)

This is a real dream for a prospector and geologist. Now you can quickly and extensively take a sample, even under water, and analyze it qualitatively on a concentrator for gold content from 1 micron. The main advantage is the weight of only 5 kg and the speed of the process. This makes it possible to search and explore hard-to-reach placer and ore deposits using a mechanized, innovative and effective method. 

All tools operate from one drive powered by a Lithium battery

A hammer drill with chisels allows you to crush rock, open near-dam cracks and gold traps. Available with diamond and carbide bits for drilling and coring.

Flexicone Drill-pump allows you to take a sample with simultaneous drilling to a depth of 1 m, rock sampling, disintegration, classification of the 0-5mm fraction and pumping of pulp.

Flexicone 110 Geo is the lightest wearable centrifugal concentrator on the market with a solids feed capacity of 5 kg per minute and top drive. Allows you to reduce the sample to 50-100 grams and extract the finest gold.

A grinder with a mortar allows you to quickly grind ore rock samples for analysis and development of ore enrichment technology.

The kit comes with a DeWalt drive with all adapters, two batteries and a fast charger in heavy duty carry case.


Centrifugal concentrator Flexicone Geo


Solids capacity, kg/min 0- 5

Cone diameter, mm 110

Material reduction rate: up to 10000

Feed size (no more) mm 3

Retrieving free

gold grains by size fraction* +0.05 ÷ 3 mm 96 – 99%

                                                                                    +0.01 ÷ 0.05 mm 92 – 96%

                                                                                     +0.005 ÷ 0.01 mm ~ 50%

Solid to water ratio

in the power supply of the concentrator, % sands 0-30

                                              crushed ore -0.2 mm 0-20

Centrifugal acceleration, G 50-150

                                              average 100

Concentrate volume of one strip (no more) ml 50

Cone revolutions. rpm 0-2000

Product weight, kg (without drive) 1

Recommended drive power, W more than 150

Overall dimensions with funnel LxWxH, mm 310x310x350

Flexicone Drill Sand Pump/Desintegrator

Drill length, mm 900

Pump outer diameter, mm 20

Reception cone diameter, mm 300


Hammer (drive)

Brand DeWalt

Battery voltage 24 V

Cartridge type. SDS-Plus

Torque, Nm 60

Battery type Li-ion

Number of batteries included: 2

Number of speeds 1

Max. speed at 1st speed, rpm 1165

Capacity, Ah 5

Operating modes Chiseling, Drilling, Impact drilling

Number of blows, beats/min 4300

Max. impact energy, J 2.9

Max. hole diameter in steel, mm 13

Max. hole diameter in concrete, mm 26

Max. hole diameter in wood, mm 28

Type of food. From battery

Country of Origin: China

Color. Yellow

1 year warranty

Engine location Horizontal

Product weight, g 5900

Tool class Professional


100% free gold recovery when mercury is added to the cone.

The amount of mercury added is equivalent to the weight of the amalgamated gold

Flexicone Geo.jpeg

 Flexicone 110 users manual

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