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Flexicone SD concentrators
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Flexicone has developed a universal multi-chamber reactor electrolyzer-regenerator of a closed type solution FLRM


The Flexicone FLRM electrolytic regenerator is the latest and greatest achievement in the field of electrochemical metallurgy.

Concentrators FlexiсoneSD has a concentrate self-unloading unit, which allows the concentrator to be used both in the traditional manual mode of removing the bowl and concentrate rinsing, and in the automated mode of concentrate rinsing without operator intervention. For this, there are discharge holes at the bottom of the bowl. When the cone rotates, the slurry moves only upward and does not enter the concentrate unloading unit. When the rotation of the cone is stopped, the pulp feed is stopped and the rinsing mode is activated. The strip is supplied with clean or recirculated water through nozzles in the strip tube attached to the pulp feed pipe. The concentrate is discharged through the holes in the bottom of the bowl into the concentrate discharge unit and discharged through the drain tube.

All SD models are supplied with an automatic mode control system.

The main automatic control module has a programmable cyclic timer. The timer sets 2 parameters:

T1. time of cone rotation and slurry feeding by the sand pump (concentrator and sand pump on / concentrate rinse pump off), in accordance with the recommended reduction rate

T2. rinse time (concentrator and sand pump off / concentrate rinse pump on) 5-10 seconds

Concentration time T1 is calculated by the formula (in hours): Weight of concentrate of one withdrawal from the cone (M) divided by the Concentrator capacity (Pr) and multiplied by the degree of concentration (C) T1 = (M / Pr) xC

Recommended degree of concentration during the operation of the concentrator (times)


Placer sands                                          3000-6000

Concentrate  from the dredge                400

Prospecting test 20kg -                           50

Ore concentration - sulfides                   100

Concentration of ore rocks - low sulfides 300-500

Flexicone SD 170 Users manual

Flexicone SD300 User manual

Centrifugal concentrator Flexicone300 operating on placer gold mine 

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