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Flexicone has developed a universal multi-chamber reactor electrolyzer-regenerator of a closed type solution FLRM


The Flexicone FLRM electrolytic regenerator is the latest and greatest achievement in the field of electrochemical metallurgy.


Productivity on hard, t / hour                   1
Diameter of the cone, mm                       170
Degree of material reduction:
model CCFB170                                     up to 10000
model CVD-FB170                                 10-500
Feed size (not more than) mm                    5
Extraction of free grains of gold

by fractions of size*:

 +0,05 ÷ 3 mm                                        96 - 99%
+0.01 ÷ 0.05 mm                                    92 - 96%
+0.005 ÷ 0.01 mm                                  ~ 50%
The ratio of solids to water
in the feed of the concentrator,%: 

sands                                                   0-30
crushed ore -0.2 mm                              0-20
Centrifugal acceleration, G                    100-200
average                                                150
Volume of concentrate of one spool , l    0.1
Turn of the cone. rpm                             1380
Product weight, kg                                 12

Electric motor power, W                          270
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm               450x540x550

New product: Extra large funnel 350mm diameter  with magnetic separator -magnetic fractions discharge to tailings. 

New product: Sieve 310mm diameter 1mm mesh

New product: High banker with -2mm screening and regulated concentrated ratio material  output

The thinning of the mineral bed in the grooves occurs due to the compression of the flexible cone from the outside by three rollers, which causes the particles in the grooves to approach and move away from the axis of rotation by 3-4 mm during one revolution of the cone 3 times. At the same time, a varying centrifugal force from 0 to 200 G acts on each particle. In addition, in our latest development, an easily installed magnetic system for removing the magnetic fraction also makes it possible to enhance the process of thinning the mineral bed due to the presence of a magnetic fraction in the pulp.

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Flexicone170 Users manual

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