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Vortex air mill for ultrafine grinding of materials 


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1. Increases the extraction of micron and encapsulated gold in the gravity extraction circuit from concentrates and tails without leaching.
2. Ideal for oxidation of sulphide ores and non-cyanide leaching of metals at normal pressure and temperature.
3. The lowest energy consumption for grinding materials per kg.
4. Operates from air, steam or any source of gas. (Can work from the car's exhaust pipe or boiling steam).
4. Portable mill, best for field tests, prospectors, laboratory tests, small-scale mining projects, processing of black sand to recover encapsulated gold and precious metals.
5. We recommend using a Vortex mill with Flexicone centrifugal concentrators for maximum metal recovery.

Ask us for case studies ( How the gravity gold recovery  was increased in 10 times on cooper tailings project with use Vortex Mills.)


The advantage of the proposed mill is that in the field of the centrifugal forces of the air vortex, under the action of which the dispersed material moves, local regions of increased and lower pressures are created, as a result of which the material particles are destroyed to sub-micron sizes.

      Local areas of high and low air pressures are created in the volume of the grinding chamber due to the emission of ultrasound waves into its cavity. As a result, the particle trajectory and their angular velocity change, leading to an increase in the collision frequency.

     In this case, the collision energy does not have time to dissipate, which leads to the accumulation of energy in the volume of the particles and their transition to an elastic-stressed state. Upon reaching the critical limit of this state, the particles are destroyed. In addition, due to the formation of the Ultrasound waves field in the cavity of the grinding chamber, resonance absorption of the Ultrasound waves energy by the particles takes place with the simultaneous action of a periodic alternating load as they pass the areas of relative discharge and increased pressures. This contributes to the multiplication and growth of microdefects of the internal structure of particles and their destruction.

     Generated ultrasonic oscillations of different frequencies, contribute to an increase in the uniformity of the dispersed composition of the target products. Absorption of acoustic energy by particles of different sizes occurs at different resonant frequencies. This is due to the fact that high-frequency radiation is better absorbed by small particles, and small frequencies are better absorbed by small particles. A wide frequency range of Ultrasound oscillations ensures the absorption of wave energy by all particles.

         Thus, the novelty of the device under consideration is not only the simultaneous action of a vortex flow, acoustic waves, sudden pressure drops, interaction of high speed individual fragments of material with each other, but also that all processes are aggregated into one device and do not require additional generation acoustic waves and dynamic accelerators. The grinding process takes place in a very short period of time with the formation of a fraction of the disintegrated material in sizes (mostly) in the range of less than 10 μm.

The plants under consideration are applicable both for the processing of bulk components and for processes with "liquid-solid", "air-solid" systems. This feature greatly expands the scope of the device. The results of testing the grinder during the processing of loose components and "liquid-solid" systems confirmed the possibility of using the apparatus for obtaining homogeneous fine-dispersed products. Use in liquid-liquid systems allows to obtain homogeneous emulsions of almost any substances

With Vortex air mill achieved lowest energy consumption for ultrafine grinding of materials compare to other technologies.




Model                                                                VM2500       VM150

Air consumption, m3/min                                  8-20                2-6

Air pressure,bar                                                6,0-8,0           4,0-6,0

Air substitute                                                    Steam, any gas

Method of operation                                         continuos

Aggregate state of the feed material                Liquid-solid, air-solid

Processing time of material in chamber ,с       0,5-1,0

Air concumtion on 1 kg of material, m3/kg       0.5 

Size of raw material particles,mm                    0-10

Fraction yield less than 10 μm,%                     80

Performance, per hour:

- dry,kg                                                              2500             150

-pulp, suspension ,m3                                      10-12          0.6-0.7

The hardness of processing material

on the Mohs scale,                                           1-9

Dimensions of the grinding unit, cm               20х20х20   10x12x15

Weight, kg                                                        10                 4.3

We also supply Vortex Mills with screw compressors.

Vortex mill for ultrafine grinding of ma
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Vortex Mill user instructions
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