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Flexiсone is a unique system for the gravitational enrichment and separation of heavy minerals, based on the principle of thinning of a mineral bed in a centrifugal field. The heart of the construction is a high-speed rotating flexible cone, which is compressed from three sides by rollers. In the grooves of the cone, a varying gravitational acceleration from 0 to 200 "G" is created. Flexiсone allows you to extract micron gold, silver and platinum group metals with a particle size of 3 microns, and also to separate minerals even with a close density. With the addition of mercury to the cone, a record 100% recovery of fine gold into amalgam was achieved due to the pulsations of the mineral bed in the cone 

The new model of the Flexiсone SD concentrators has a self-unloading unit for concentrate, which allows the concentrator to be used both in the traditional manual mode of removing the bowl and concentrate rinsing, as well as in the automated mode of concentrate rinsing without operator intervention.

 In addition, in our latest development, an easily installed magnetic system for removing the magnetic fraction also makes it possible to enhance the process of thinning the mineral bed due to the presence of a magnetic fraction in the pulp.

Flexicone innovative technology sulfides ores oxidation 
This is feedback from customer in Tasmania, who purchased Flexicone300 in 2017
To: Valeri Borodinov Subject: Re: CCFB300 centrifugal Concentrator
Hi Valeri,
The concentrator is running well. I have attached a video from earlier this year showing how we run our dirt through. The video shows how we feed into our trommel, into sluice onto a vibrating table allowing fines through to the concentrator to catch anything that passes through the sluice. It has increased our recovery by almost 20% as most of our gold is very fine powder gold.
Corey Verhey
On 20 Jan 2021, at 8:16 pm,
Valeri Borodinov wrote:
Hi Corey,
How is your gold processing going withCCFB300 centrifugal Concentrator? How many hours ( aprox.) did you run operations with concentrator? How is recovery? Can you provide pictures or videos concentrator in operation. If you need any advise from us , please contact any time
Best regards Valeri Borodinov Energystore Group Pty.Ltd From: Sent: Thursday, 9 March 2017 3:49 PM Cc: corey.verhey@ Subject: Alluvial Pacific Web Enquiry The Customer below is interested in: ================================================ 
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